Multimodal transport – combining the elements

Water and air are opposite elements. EMCI combine them with their Sea-Air-Services. We offer our customers the optimal alternative to costly airfreight and to economical, but time-costly, sea-freight.

Our Sea-Air solution offers an economical means of transport which we can tune to perfection to your delivery deadlines.

The organizing of Sea-Air services requires precise tuning of sea and air transportation. One of the most critical aspects is the fast and smooth transfer of goods from ship to aircraft. We are, therefore, co-operating very closely with our partners in the transfer hubs of Dubai, Seattle, Singapore and Seoul.

We deliver your goods by Sea-Air to your consignees cost-consciously and efficiently.

Multimodal transport solutions from EMCI

EMCI brings together multimodal transport skills and competences from Air, Sea, Road, and Rail transport experience together with warehousing and distribution skills to provide a range of logistics solutions for our customers that help them to do their business better.

EMCI‘s teams have expertise in a wide variety of industries including Automotive, Forest produce, Food, Chemicals, Pharma and Retail together with specific niche logistics specialisms such as temperature controlled transport and the transport of high value goods and the provision of fourth party logistics services.

As a group we have a strong commitment to reducing our environmental footprint, and that of our customers, by the use of innovative technologies and transportation choices. The environmental impact of our solutions is a key component of our service.

Our Multimodal solution offers an economical means of transport which we can tune to perfection, and we comply with your delivery deadlines.

The needs/advantages of multimodal transport:

  • Coordinated and planned as a single operation, it minimizes the loss of time and risk of loss, pilferage and damage to the cargo at trans-shipment points.

  • The markets is psychically reduced by faster transit of goods; Reference to Globalization challenge, the distance between origin or source materials and customers is getting to be insignificant thanks to the development of multimodal transport.

  • The burden of issuing multiple documentation for each segment of transport is reduced to minimum.

  • The consignor/consignee has to deal with only the MTO (Multimodal Transport Operator) in all matters related to the goods transportation.